Monday, February 8, 2010

exciting news for everyone!

Our whole family has BIG NEWS! First Kinkade he went on a special dad date to a Gonzaga Basketball game and got his picture with Kelly Olynyk after the game. So cool! Second Keagan . . . he went to a different Zags game and got his picture with Steven Gray! AWESOME! The boys were beyond excited to get to go to the games, have the best sandwiches ever at half-time, and then on top of all of it to each meet different players and get their pic taken. And of course as if that was not enough both nights Aaron stopped at DQ on the way home!!
Okay here is mom's big news . . . .wait for it. . . .I GOT A PEDICURE! So special and a really big splurge for me. If you know me I am not foo foo at all. . never wear any makeup, & I often find myself at Costco and realize I have forgotten to brush my hair and I truly believe showers are a total inconvenience and optional:) So getting my nails done is a huge treat. . . . I feel so pretty!

My other big news. . check out what my valentine brought me this morning. . . love the Starbucks cups with a heart! It's the little things these days. . .

Dad's BIG NEWS is the biggest of all - HE COMPLETED HIS DISSERTATION! We are so proud of him. He just got it back from his advisor with minor revisions. . then he will defend it to the committee and walk in May! Get ready for the biggest graduation party ever for Dr. McMurray in May!
Emery Pearl's big news. . . look who is almost crawling!
So proud of herself! Lucia's Big NEWS. . . She is wearing Big girl Panties. . and totally potty trained! I asked her to pose in her panties and this is what I got. It was a cinch should of done it a lot earlier.
And double big news for Lucia her first HAIRCUT! Don't ask why she is sticking out her tongue this tiny two year old has more spice and sass than I have ever seen!
So there it is . . pretty exciting around here!


Anonymous said...

HOORAY FOR ALL THE MCMURRAYS!! I am especially proud of Dr. McMurray--you are amazing, I know it is your amazingly supportive wife!! Love you all. Mulders

The Boggs Family said...

Rock on with all your fun news to share! :) Kudos on the pedicure... looks great! (I have a gift certificate for one that is almost a year old now that I really should use... haha. I now find myself so inspired after seeing your pretty toes!) :) Sweet city on Aaron's dissertation & we'll be praying for his upcoming presentation/defense in front of the committee. Cool the boys got to have such fun nights at the Zags games & meet players - love your precious girls! (Oh, so what kind of haircut did Lil' Miss Lucia get?) ;) We just cut Mags hair a week ago too... I am so envious of her being potty trained! We need to start with Mags.. ;) Ok, much of a run-on here but just wanted to say hi & smiled at your post. :) Glad you are enjoying all the little-and-big things! :)

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Wow! All six of you have "big news" at once - love it! Special congrats to Aaron...that is a huge accomplishment!!

Nicole said...

i would celebrate starbucks and a pedicure with a blog post any day. pretty feet for a pretty lady!! and congrats to aaron!!! that is awesome. much love to the mcmurray family!

Anonymous said...

What wondeful and fun news for ALL of you!!! Loved the photo of Lucia in her panties...classic! Must save that for when she gets older! Too cute. So proud (and amazed) with Aaron! We are so happy for all of you!
love, KC

Pat and Patty said...

You are all Rock Stars!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the Murphys

colleen said...

Love hearing all the good news! :) Especially proud of Dr. Aaron.....I want to come to the big party for him.
Hugs! colleen

HewaFam said...

Way to go McMurrays! Thanks for sharing all of your big news. We love you!

The gFamily said...

WOW, big news for everyone!! A pedicure and a mug! I am mighty jealous!! ;) Good for you girl!

The big girl panties is a BIG thing! Tell her, "Welcome to the club!!" GIllian is in the club, but sometimes she forgets! ;)

The dissertation.... HUGE CONGRATS!! YAY!!