Monday, February 15, 2010

valentines around here

Here is Lucia all ready to go to her Valentine's Party at Preschool. She said she needed to be fancy for the party! It was really fun the boys and I joined her for her party b/c they did not have school. They have been dying to see her preschool. They jumped right in on all the activities and loved it. The boys loved watching the little ones decorating their cookies.

Lucia asked me to get a picture of her fancy shoes that she picked out.
I had a Valentines party for the volleyball team here at the house. They all brought valentines for each other and decorated cookies and valentine mailboxes. Here is Emery with Kaipo and Kaimi. All ready for the party. . . . what is better than lots of markers and red and pink heart stickers. Can you tell I am a primary teacher.
The boys once again this year wanted to make all their valentines for school. So I learned after the first year of doing this not to try and control the project and "make them cute" because they have their own idea of what each Valentine should look like. They literally spent hours and hours and started 3 weeks early to get them all done.
I love how they are the most excited to make a valentines for each other. Here is Keagan's for Kinkade . . so sweet.
Last night we had Valentines Dinner at Grampy and Grammy's house and of course Grammy made it eventful and special. Here is the table with wine, tulips and presents for everyone.
The last two years my parents have made a special Valentines book for the kids from Snapfish. The theme last year was Star Wars and this year they wrote a fun valentines poem for each grandchild and the parents. The girls sat with us and listened to the book and the boys sat on Grampy's lap.
My husband is such a good sport every year my mom gets everyone special underwear for Valentines Day! This year he got bat man and even a cape to go with it. It was a little awkward the first few years now it has become "normal." Although he was disappointed I didn't get cat woman undies instead I got a fondue pot I have been wanting! Grammy and Lucia love the valentines treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Susan said...

Your family totally knows how to celebrate!! You are always celebrating holidays, life and each other! Love the silver shoes for the preschool party,too.

Pineapple Princess said...

You guys know how to party! What a fun and memorable V-Day! You guys are the best! I love Lucia's party outfit!! :) I think she and Bella are the same size. So cute!

Nicole said...

Umm... do you want a 5th child?! I love how your family celebrates! And, of course, I love Lucia's tutu!

The Tampiens said...

Seriously laughed out loud at Aaron's Batman underwear... hysterical!! Your Mom is the best. Jealous of the fondue pot! Let me know how you like it, I'm thinking about adding that to my birthday list. :)