Thursday, February 4, 2010

sun & sisters

i feel like i am in a whole new life now spending my days with two girls. . . . I spent five years with two boys and i am still amazed daily that i have two girls. i always just thought we would have boys and i loved every minute of having boys, but i am also loving having two girls. i also thought when I had two baby boys that turned into two toddler boys that are family was probably complete.. . . . since it was so hard to bring them into the world. never in my wildest dreams did i think we would have FOUR kids who all came to our family through miraculous journeys!
we have had a few days of sun in jan. and now feb. and it is glorious! it changes my whole mood and makes me want to dress everyone in yellow and green and head out for a walk and some sun. i love this set of pictures it really shows the girls personalities and the relationship between them, and i love that you can actually see the rays of sunshine!
I think my favorite thing about parenting and having kids is watching them interact and love each other. it is so fun to watch how the relationships between all four kids is changing and growing each day. last night kinkade read to lucia her goodnight stories and played a silly huggies game with her for 45 minutes while putting her to bed. these two girls are so blessed to have two big brothers that adore them and love on them every single day. lucia and emery are starting to interact with each other more and more each day. life is exhausting and hard at moments but each day I am so thankful for healthy happy children who love each other so much.


Pat and Patty said...

Sisters and Twins are the BEST!!!!!!!!!! You are blessed and so are they to have you - enjoy EVERY MOMENT-but you know that already

The Boggs Family said...

What a sweet, sweet post, Darc! Those pics are priceless and simply adorable! I love what you said about parenting... I share those sentiments too. ;) My Mom always told me, "...the best gift we could ever give you is the gift of each other." (referring to siblings) and now that we have kids of our own, Ken & I totally see how true that is when God blesses everyone in the fam with another little one! What fun that you get to experience life with two boys AND two girls - getting the variety pack of personalities & appearances, and loving each & every one beyond measure. You guys are such an amazing family - lots of love to you!
P.S. I hear ya on the way sunshine can bolster a mood!! :) :) Glorious is a perfect description for how it has felt to have these sunny days intermixed.

Hannah said...

They are so adorable together!! I love what you wrote too, I can tell that you are really totally in love with your sweet family :)

Lindsay Murphy said...

So cute! I'm just a little partial to sisters:) I can't believe how big they are getting. Love you!

Anonymous said...

you are such a good momma darc. so happy for you and your little kiddos. makes me happy to read your blog. love you, kc