Friday, February 19, 2010

happy crawling day emery pearl!

for real this time she is actually moving forward and crawling! our life will never be the same. she is so proud of herself. mark your calendars at 10.5 months old on feb. 19th emery pearl crawls! how else would you celebrate with a little photo shoot to mark the day. . it was sunny out and she was looking so cute!

love this sweet girl and this darling profile.


The gFamily said...

Happy crawling day Emery!! That is so exciting!! Good job baby girl!! Oh my she is adorable!! Love those lashes!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Emery. You are so beautiful. And your Mom catches the most adorable moments. Thank you Darcy for all of delightful moments that you share with us. Love to all of you.

Grandma and Grandpa McMurray