Friday, February 12, 2010


these girls could spend the whole day in the bath tub! and bubbles just made it even more fun! i love to stick them in the bath and put on fun music or read nursery rhymes to them. . . or even better yet get the bathroom cleaned:)

please pray for emery we cannot get her well. on monday we finally took her in after 6 weeks of a cold that would not go away and was told she had bronchitis. then i felt like she got way better by wednesday and thursday and today she woke up really coughing and as the day went on her fever got higher and higher. speaking of. . . can anyone give me a suggestion for a good thermometer. i feel like the worlds worst mom when i am trying to get the kids temperature. then when i call the nurse or go in to the dr. office i sound like such an idiot as i stumble through why i don't really know what there temperature is. . .. i cannot get an accurate read. we need a good thermometer any suggestions???????


Pineapple Princess said...

I am praying for Emery right now!!
I started using a temporal thermometer, and I love it (It's easy and fast). It's similar to this:


Wichman said...

Hey Darcy,
Sorry to hear that Emery is feeling crumby! I use the Vicks digital thermometer and really like it so far. All of my nurse friends swear by rectal temps but I have never done them. I know they are more accurate but I use this one underarm. I got it at Walgreens. It usually takes about 10 seconds for the reading to come up. Maybe try and google them and see which comes up with the best reviews? Good luck! It is no fun to have a sick kid;) Take care,

The Boggs Family said...

So sorry to hear Emery has been so sick... we will pray for her. As for thermometers; Albertson's sells ones for around $11-$15 that can be used under the tongue, armpit or (with a think sheild), as a rectal thermometer too. If you go the latter route to get an accurate read I suggest some vasaline. Gross, I know, but it will give you the most accurate read if you can't get them to sit still long enough for the first two. The one we have came with shields. We also had an ear thermometer that was digital & more spendy (maybe around $45-$50)... but honestly, it didn't really work that well & time n' again, the bendy-digital thermometer we got just at the grocery store has been the best one yet. (And easily washable, I might add) ;) Hope that helps & just know we'll be praying much!!

Anonymous said...

costco has a great thermo taker that just takes it from the forehead real quick.

ps. love your posts and love your family!... so fun to see the blog when we don't see eachother as much as I would like.

love, grace

The Liezen Family said...

I know it's not fun, but while the kids are in the baby stage I usually stick with a rectal thermometer. It has always been the most accurate. I hope Emery gets better soon!

Pat and Patty said...

You know, sounds silly but they have one that goes over the forehead at Tuesday Morning at all places...heard it was fast and easy????

The Tampiens said...

The second picture of Emery is totally PRICELESS! So sorry she's not feeling well. :( I don't have any thermometer recommendations (obviously), but I will pray for her to get healthy soon!! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey...hope Emery feels better soon! Seems like the sickness is going all around the country - Bailey has something too.
I love love love your pics. Your girls are so stinkin' cute and the boys too.
We miss seeing you guys.
By the way - love the red couch, we have it in our tv room!!!

Lindsay Murphy said...

Look at all those teeth!! She is gorgeous and I love how much Lucy loves her...makes me think of Whit and I. I also do not have any recommendations on thermometers, but I hope she gets better soon. Love you!

Bowman Family Blog said...

The Temporal Scanner (they have them at Costco right now!) LOVE IT! I have had 5 thermometers since my kids were born and I've hated every one, this one works!