Sunday, September 8, 2013

start to summer

 photo IMG_4966_zps1855550b.jpg
 photo IMG_4859_zps80d54223.jpg
special trips with dad to portland
 photo IMG_4862_zpsa13f41b1.jpg
ready for summer
 photo IMG_4857_zps4fc9df95.jpg
lucia's first fish
 photo IMG_4888_zps43c7b510.jpg
back to the lake
 photo IMG_4757_zps7f44dd05.jpg
nights at the lake
 photo IMG_4734_zpsc8bae3ed.jpg
huge family water fight
 photo IMG_4735_zps987cf9dc.jpg
 photo IMG_4855_zps1fd10826.jpg
fathers day 2013
 photo IMG_4719_zpsc16310a1.jpg
 photo IMG_4770_zpscb52b226.jpg

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