Monday, September 16, 2013

the fourth - 2013

in the midst of a BIG MOVE more to come on that! we were in the middle of packing and cleaning but managed to get to the lake to celebrate a little. . .
 photo DSC_0557_zps35b7b538.jpg
there are sooooo many girls at the lake! 
 photo DSC_0531_zps0c033f20.jpg
ali painted everyone's toes 
 photo DSC_0489_zps5a07e408.jpg
this sweet baby hallie spent the day with us!
 photo DSC_0523_zpsd10a3c91.jpg
always crazy
 photo DSC_0501_zps611051be.jpg
i love this picture of beautiful janny and sweet hallie
 photo DSC_0472_zpsd4507d39.jpg
been friends since they were little
 photo DSC_0530_zps20ad6168.jpg
festive kabobs
 photo DSC_0473_zps23d2c6c3.jpg
a great pair
 photo DSC_0502_zpsf26b9749.jpg
cutest family on the planet
 photo DSC_0482_zps3133e7df.jpg
they call each other best friends
 photo DSC_0537_zps7b99c575.jpg
lucia's favorite spot to swim

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