Monday, September 16, 2013

snapshots of summer 2013

here is a little window into what felt like a very full summer. . .
 photo IMG_5045_zps202c3002.jpg
lots of sunset walks to get ice cream at the lake
 photo IMG_5083_zps77f6a140.jpg
we made it to penticton to celebrate our anniversary 
 photo IMG_5060_zps06ab1899.jpg
nights at the lake with peanut butter cup smores
 photo IMG_5112_zpsc238fc78.jpg
always park time
 photo IMG_5042_zps41c4ab1c.jpg
emery carries this baby everywhere
 photo IMG_5108_zps592810d4.jpg
keagan was invited to play summer league for the warriors and gary bell jr. was the coach - AWESOME!
 photo IMG_5134_zps9e956610.jpg
leo got a bad haircut but we still love him
 photo IMG_5124_zps2fb05885.jpg
splash pad fun 

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