Sunday, September 22, 2013

wedding of the year

this. wedding. was. gorgeous. in. every. way.  - i can't even put into words how fabulous and meaningful every last detail was.  the setting, the people, the weather, the decor - absolutely beautiful.  not to mention it was with our most precious family friends.  the murphys have been part of our life for a long time and are the boys godparents.  we love them and cherish their friendship so much.  aaron officiated the wedding and we got to be a part of all of it.  we stayed at a beautiful lodge and it was the perfect weekend amidst the chaos of moving.  i'm not sure how i managed to not get any pictures of the bride and groom or pat and patty.  but here are the shots i did get from the weekend.
 photo DSC_0583_zpsb4980c12.jpg
 photo IMG_5151_zps04eac8d3.jpg
 photo IMG_5182_zps4e4202a6.jpg
 photo DSC_0595_zpsbbefa9c5.jpg
 photo IMG_5200_zpsef3dd23d.jpg
 photo IMG_5192_zps615c72b4.jpg
 photo IMG_5205_zpsd06ec963.jpg
 photo DSC_0592_zpse644a43e.jpg
 photo IMG_5160_zps44e7cf51.jpg
 photo IMG_5280_zpsf2a9ad4b.jpg
 photo IMG_5224_zps1a71091d.jpg

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