Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lucia Day - the big 6

Instead of a big party for lucia we spent the whole day as a family doing everything Lucia loves - 
First we all went to the movies - Monsters University, then downtown to the carousel, off to the cupcake store and finished at her favorite restaurant Taco Time! 

I did a birthday interview with Lucia.  I love this little window into her 6 year old world - 
What is your favorite place in the world? school
Favorite foods? carrots, shrimp, chicken
What season is your favorite? Summer, because it is sunny and warm. 
What is your favorite activity? watching movies, soccer and gymnastics
What is your favorite color? gold
What is your favorite movie? Brave and Hotel Translyvania
What would be your perfect day? eat pizza and treats that I want and spend the day with my friends. 
What is your favorite Holiday? Halloween
What are you really good at? making friends and soccer
What makes you smile? hugs, kisses, cuddle time

 photo DSC_0448_zpsdb30b65a.jpg
 photo DSC_0451_zpsf618b10c.jpg
 photo IMG_4979_zps61e9fef7.jpg
 photo IMG_4992_zps4dba8f08.jpg
 photo IMG_4987_zpse20c04cb.jpg
 photo IMG_4983_zpsf414789c.jpg
 photo IMG_4994_zpsd40b4b47.jpg
 photo IMG_4995_zpse6945373.jpg
 photo IMG_4993_zpsf1d963a5.jpg

we love you lucia!

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