Wednesday, September 25, 2013


we made an excruciating decision to move to portland.  hardest decision we have ever made. we LOVE everything about Spokane and our life there, but felt a calling to Portland.  aaron got an amazing job offer at a college in SE portland - he is passionate about their mission and commitment to urban ministry. everything. about. moving. has. been. hard! to sum it up it has been heart wrenching sad, exciting, and alot of work. i have never cried so much in my entire life.
here are some goodbyes.  we also had an incredible goodbye party, and somehow i don't have any photos.
 photo IMG_5269_zpsbf05353b.jpg
leaving grampy and grammy was the hardest!
 photo IMG_5266_zps61929f38.jpg
 photo IMG_5141_zpsa089f866.jpg
we said goodbye to janny, ryan, and hallie multiple times
 photo IMG_5239_zpsed993f4e.jpg
Buth BFFS!
 photo IMG_5260_zps0d98d12e.jpg
we had to leave murphy in spokane, but she loves grammy's house and she is being spoiled rotten. 
 photo IMG_5240_zpse1b20877.jpg
the boys miss their midway friends so much. 
 photo IMG_5144_zps8e196e8c.jpg
isaac took the boys out for froyo to say goodbye. . so sweet. 
 photo IMG_5230_zps16260470.jpg
 photo IMG_5273_zps3d5833d9.jpg
as it turns out leo is the best car traveler! 
 photo IMG_5281_zpsae10a05f.jpg
he sleeps and cuddles the whole time

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the tampiens said...

That first picture of your dad and the boys... SLAYED ME! Actual tears over here. :(