Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lucia's Homecoming!

Our wonderful friends and family greeting us HOME!
Dead asleep . . . . had been for 3 hours. . . until. . .
I swear she POPPED up when she heard voices and started squealling with delight and smiling at all the people who have loved her from the beginning. . can I get a witness here this really happened!
Hugs for my brothers! I am so embarrassed about myself . . I'm not sure I have ever smiled that BIG! It was simply a GLORIOUS moment!
Everyone was all smiles.
The boys had been working on special posters all week.
They were so excited for her to come home.
Our dearest Patty!

Uncle Bryan one of the most faithful, unconditional mcmurray children supporter and lover (can that be a title?) He has seen the boys at their worst and he still loves them and comes back for more. He truly has gotten to know each boy's personality and is always finding creative ways to connect with them. They adore their Uncle Bryan and I have a feeling he will find a way to Lucia's heart too.

First time meeting Grampy. She knows a good grampy when she sees one. She immediatley reached for him.
I will always cherish this picture.
Grace and Kevin, and Julie came to meet Miss Smiley! We have such wonderful friends.
I knew she would love Mandolyn. Mandolyn has the most precious gift with kiddos.

Of course the Millers were there with their love and support. They have been so faithful to our family through this entire process. Our kids adore thier kids and I think Lucia is joining the club.
Abby Miller, the girl who changed Aaron's heart on having a daughter. When we got to know the Millers five years ago, after spending time with Abby, Aaron said OK I want a daughter. Thank you Abby for being so sweet, thoughtful and having such a fun personality and changing my husband's mind!


The Boggs Family said...

What a joyous homecoming!!! Man oh man, love is oozing out the seams! :) Ok, so honestly, she has to be THE SMILEY-EST BABY I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Her whole body smiles when she does, I am beaming after looking at these pics. I am totally excited to join the masses who can't wait to meet her tomorrow at church! :)

Anonymous said...

...speaking of embarrassed.

Oh well - she is worth it - how are you finding time to post? Is she that good :)

I hope so - I'll call you on Sunday - can't wait to chat


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting all of those wonderful photos. Although, we are far away in Texas our hearts and prayers have been with you during this exciting journey and homecoming. Love always, The Rameys

Anonymous said...

i love the pics with grampy--how precious! you can see the love on everyone's faces--the boys are so cute with her! she is definately a dream baby...angel baby sent from God! Loving your family of 5! The Browns

TNKerry said...

What a special moment for your family and a memory you will forever cherish. Homecoming day is the BEST!!!!

lindsmurphy1 said...

What a fun night! I will definitely back you up...Lucy was dead asleep and then it was like someone pushed the "play" button!! She won everyone over instantly. We haven't stopped talking about her since we left the airport. Especially my dad!! She is such an angel and so happy. I can't wait to spend more time with her!

Grammy Sparkle said...

Welcome home little Lucy. Our lives will never be the same. You will always bring us sunshine!

Maria said...

What beautiful pictures! I am a crying mess here looking at your homecoming shots! Congratulations on bringing Lucia home!

C said...

Aaron & Darcy - You don't know me. I sing in the choir with Aaron's dad at Trinity in Salem and we have prayed for your family. I have been enthralled by your journey and check your blog regularly. I am so thrilled for you that Lucy is HOME. What loving parents and family she has. The Lord is GOOD! Cherri Miles

Kathy Hansen said...

Such fun pictures. How often do you see such a great answer to prayer documented with such great photos. We are happy that your family is all together at last. It seems the beginning of this journey was so very long ago.


Anonymous said...

It's like God had Lucia in his hands and gave VERY specific instructions for her to be handed from one angel to another.... and you and Aaron are the final angels.! Congratulations. We are SO happy for you.
Sean, Katy, and Ryan Owsley

heather emans said...

...the most joyful tears i've shed in long time. thanks to God for bringing lucy to you. she, in turn, is one lucky little girl. congratulations on your beautiful family.