Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend with the Jones

The Jones Family came for the weekend. Krissy was my first roommate in college at Western Washington. We were there early for Volleyball. We ended up the only Freshman on the team for that season. Talk about a bonding experience. We have continued to be close since that moment on the volleyball court. Now we both have families and enjoy time together more than ever. They made the trip to meet Lucia. We had a fun packed weekend! Here are some sledding pics, we were going to go skiing but sledding is free and you don't have to wake up so early:)
The four older kiddos. Kinkade, Savannah, Avery, and Keagan
My sweet husband, and Lucia eating my hair.
The whole Jones Family. What a gorgeous family.
The sledding action shot.
We had so much fun all weekend. We love you Jones. I hope our kiddos turn out half as sweet as yours. They are such tender, fun, and polite kids.

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Anne said...

AWWW, great pics! I, too, went to college on a Vball scholar and there were only 3 other Frosh - we bonded in about 3 seconds flat! Definitely a bonding experience.

You guys look like you were having so much fun!! Especially Lucia munching on your hair!