Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tiny Sprouts

My dear friend Heidi gave Lucia this dress at her shower. Is it not the sweetest thing you have ever seen in your life. I could not get it on her fast enough the next morning. She also gave me a blanket see below with her name and the meaning of it. She ordered from
It is beautifully done and so soft. What a wonderful baby gift. I know where I am going next time I need a baby gift. Check them out.
Lucy loves her dress too:)

This is one of the corners of the blanket.
This is in the opposite corner. The blanket and dress are so sweet and so lovely.


Jason & Shannon said...

I loved seeing all the pics and reading all about your time since you have been home. Lucia is so cute and seems like she is so happy. You have a beautiful family.

Shannon Hedges

Elizabeth said...

I haven't stopped in for awhile now but am so happy Lucy is home! She is precious!
Elizabeth Mendoza(FTC)

Lindsay Murphy said...

Cuttest pictures ever!! I will definitely be visitng that site soon...I feel like everyone is having babies lately. So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...just when you think she can't get any cuter...
Love her in the dress!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucia touched our hearts so deeply. Yes, she is as sweet, happy and charming as she looks in all of the pictures! The shower for her was so wonderful! And Lucy just kept smiling without her usual naps. When I saw the pictures that we took and these I feel the way that Darcy must have felt each time that she left her behind. Can't wait to see and hold her again ASAP!!!!
Love to A.,D.,K.,K., and L.J.
Grandma and Gramdpa