Monday, February 4, 2008

I can't believe I get to be her mommy!

She is a dream baby sent to us from God. I don't deserve to be her mommy. We couldn't be more blessed. She sleeps like a champion. . . 12 hours straight at night! Is a great eater! And is the happiest baby I have ever seen in my life. She loves people and is so interactive and social. When she falls asleep in my arms I thank God over and over for the most precious gift in the world. We can't believe how happy she is! This sounds so cheesy but I truly think she is an angel sent to us. God chose her for our family. It all just feels so right and EVERYTIME I look at her it is surreal I just have to pinch myself . . . I cannot believe I get to be her mother. We are all so proud of her. The boys never want her to sleep and want to wake her up the whole time. Thank you to all who have prayed for this precious little girl. We are overwhelmed with JOY! We had her first doctor's appointment today! She met every developmental milestone for a 7 month old and is completley healthy. She weighs 14 lbs 8 oz, which puts her in the 8th percentile. She is in the 25th percentile for height. And, shocking her head is in the 2nd percentile. I never noticed her tiny head. She is just petite and cute . . . two words never used to describe myself. I always wanted to be petite and cute:)


Anonymous said...

Darcy, Of coarse you deserve her! She is a special gift from God straight to YOU!!


Anonymous said...

Darcy--What a sweet post--she is just as lucky to be in your family. I agree--she is an angel--so darling!! I was showing Bradley the pictures and he said, "Why doesn't Keagan have clothes on?" HAHA!! Love you guys, Rachelle

Anonymous said...

Darcy- I read your blog everyday and have completely fallen in love with your Lucy!!! Not only are you so lucky to be her mom, but she is sooo lucky to have you as her mother.
Please keep up your blog, I look forward to it everyday!
Enjoy every minute with your precious gift- you so deserve her!

Anonymous said...

Kris forwarded on your blog and great news! She is absolutely one of the most precious little girls I've ever seen. If we could all share a little bit of her joy and jest for life. I will keep checking back to watch you all grow as a family. If you guys make it back to Gig Harbor in the near future, I'm coming down to say hello.

Kelly Hallissey

Susan said...

God knew exactly what he was doing when he chose you, Aaron and the boys for Lucy's family. He left nothing to chance. I can hardly wait until the shower! You are going to have to keep this blog up because, like Andrea, I race home to see the latest pics! I still think you need to write/publish a book to encourage others in their journeys to find a Lucy.

Anonymous said...

We LOVE the pictures of her in your house/her house now! She looks so happy and so do her brothers.

I love that she is petite - she is so special and we SOOOOO appreicate you keeping the blog up and graciously sharing your speical family with us - it truly is uplifting.


whitney tampien said...

If anyone deserves an angel it is YOU GUYS!!! I love seeing the pictures of her in your house... it's real, she's HOME! Can I come play some time?!? :)

P.S. I hear you on the petite/cute comment. At least Lucy can live the dream for us!! :)

lindsmurphy1 said...

She will be so happy that she has a little head when she gets older. Whitney and I still struggle with our over-sized's pretty embarrassing when guys hats cannot even fit on your head. You guys deserve Lucy so much and she is so lucky to have such an amazing family. You are all a perfect fit!