Monday, February 18, 2008

Martha Stewart shower. . . infact better

Another awesome invitation by Mangoink. I'm telling you if you have a party, announcement, holiday or any need for a card they are the absolute best. Reasonable, fast, professional, and so hip and beautifully done. You will be blown away with your card. They always exceed my exspectations. Here is the link -
Patty is the boy's godmother and my dearest friend. She put on the shower with her two daughters that I absolutley adore. I coached both daughters, Whit and Linds, and had them in campaigners through YL. They made Lucia and I feel so honored and loved. It was the most amazing shower! I love you Murphy girls.
My mom and I at the shower.
Patty, Whitney, and Lindsay. . . they worked so hard to put this gorgeous shower on. I love you so much Murphy girls.

My nieces helped me open each present.
Miss Lucia with Grandma and her new mermaid.

Check out Lucia's shoes, the day before the shower I realized Lucia did not have red shoes that were small enough to go with her outfit. So my mom "Grammy Sparkle" whipped out these shoes overnight to match her dress perfectly.
The center pieces were my favorite touch with the darling pink roses!

If you have a little girl you have to have these "Fancy Nancy" books. Thanks JOY! I love them.
Rachelle has been saving this darling little jeans jacket for Lucy to get home for forever. She's home now she can finally wear it. So sweet of you Rachelle.
Bridget helping with the gifts.
Of course a ribbon jar. . . because someone keeps putting huge bows in Lucia's hair.
A special scrapbood made for Lucia with a note from everyone. I can't wait to get my hands on this!
I got the most unbelievable home made gifts. I will do a post with the quits I got because they blew me away with how FABULOUS they are. This is another home made gift from my sweetest freind KayC who I have been friends with since first grade. She made this bear for Lucia's room. At least this time she did not have to make two like she did for the boys. I was so touched by the gifts.
Another center piece.
My sweetie getting a little tired. Oh check out the bracelet grammy sparkle made too she whipped that up to go with the outfit. She is wearing Bridget's Christmas dress from when she was a baby. I am so glad Aunt Cathy saved it.

The flowers were perfect. Thank you to everyone and especially The Murphy girls. It was Perfect. . . you out did Martha Stewart!


The gFamily said...

Wow, what a beautiful and fun day! What a blessing to have so many people love you and your amazing family!

whitney tampien said...

We love you so much, and both you and Lucia deserved all the love you got that day!! It was so fun, and we were so happy to do it, Darc! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Darcy and Lucy...It was our pleasure!
Darc I think of the years that I have leaned on you as we raised our daughters and could never thank you enough.

I pray that someday Lucy knows how special you are and that you will have the bond that I have with my daughters.

You and the boys (all three of them) and Lucy are treasures in our lives!