Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Three kids. . . . WOW!

Here are some pics of Lucia today. First day at home with all three kids all day.Cuddle muffin.
I think she is going to be crawling before we know it. She is so active and is dying to go!
Patty came over to give little missy some kisses (somehow this has emerged has her nickname around here.)
I was not happy at all about this. I am well aware this is not safe. Anyone want a cat?.?.? Ok she can have grace . .. this is what the boys say when they want another chance. "Can we have grace mom?"
All smiles for Patty. Patty got to hear her silly laugh too.
Is she not just the cutest baby. . . I know I am biassed . . . and I am head over heals in love with "Little missy!"

I have friends who told me three kids put them over the edge. Aaron and I have switched to a zone defense when we were really getting pretty effective at playing man to man with the boys. We had the first three days of Lucia being home as a family. Aaron went back to work on Monday. I thought I was really doing well adjusting and managing until. . . I realized on Monday that I had not unpacked my purse from our carry-on luggage yet. Yep, the diaper bag was perfectly packed with everything Lucia would ever need but I had been w/o purse for three days and not really even thought about it. I also realized on Monday after I found my cell phone that I had 9 messages. I guess I had not noticed that I also did not have my cell phone for three days.
That's not the end of it here is the best story of having it all together - Aaron and I were standing at the washer taking out our clothing and deciding what needed to be dried and what was going to be hung up when he pulled out the computer cord. I apparently washed the computer cord, now if that is not bad enough he than pulls out his bottle of Guatemalan Rum that he had brought home . . . we both started hysterically laughing. I'm not sure how I did not notice the big bottle of Rum or the cords . . . I think I had a baby in one hand and dumped the suitcase in. . . whoops.
Today was my first outing with the three of them. Of course it was a huge snowstorm! Ug I am so tired of the snow. Pretty but getting annoying! I have Lucia in the Baby Bjorn on my front and one boy on each hand. It went ok, except my shoe was untied and I had no way of getting it tied. The boys can't tie yet and Lucy would of been face planted on the floor. Then this really nice mom came over and I think she read my mind said, "Would you like me to tie your shoe it is untied?"
Can you believe it! The world is going to be OK there are still really nice people. I was a little embarrassed but said I would love it! I almost asked if we could be friends but I thought it might freak her out.


lindsmurphy1 said...

Lucy is so happy and so loved!! I love your washing definitely have your hands full now. I HATE THE SNOW TOO. I am so over it and ready for the sun to come out. I also LOVE that women who tied your shoe for you. It is so nice to know that those kind of people exist in this world. I would have tied your shoe for you:) Can't wait to see you again!

Anonymous said...

I love people...and other Moms and Lucy and Keagan and Kincade and you and Aaron (not sure about Murphy ;)

Thanks for letting me come and play today - I smiled all the way home :)


ryan & janny said...

She fits right in on that comfy couch. We miss that couch so much today!

Anonymous said...

So funny!! I laughed harder the second time hearing that story than the first. I love the shoe tying scene--you will never forget that. I wish you had a picture of Lucy in the B'jorn and both boys holding her hands--Grammy Sparkles will capture that one--I am sure. Love you all!! Rachelle

jonesfamily said...

That is great! I love that story. Three....Brad and I are still sure we want three but the actual logistics of it are sounding more and more terrifying to us! Fun but terrifying! I am so excited to hang out with you and watch this in action! I would say that I am excited to come over and help but Liv and Belle and I don't seem to be much help these days. So, I will just stick to being excited to hang out with the 7 of us. Even if we hang out with Aaron and Brad too, there will still be 5 of them and only 4 of us...which is a better ratio than 5 to 2. Oh how life changes! When we have our third we can at least put together a volleyball team with our two families. How fun would that team be to coach!?!


whitney tampien said...

If it makes you feel any better, when Maggie got sprayed by a skunk, I frantically threw in a load of laundry and washed Jordan's zip drive and my cell phone. Crap. And she's just ONE DOG!! I'm counting on you getting this 3 kids thing down so you can come help me in 5 years when we start having kids!!! :) I'm sure you'll have it down in no time.

Bridget said...

After Sam was born I was determined to continue to take my 3 mile walks with the kids. At that time I had Abby in the jog stroller, Wil in the baby backpack and Sam in the Bjorn. If that wasn't enough, I decided our dog needed exercize too so she came along. I got wierd looks a lot. You get used to life with 3 pretty fast. And, you come to appreciate time with out kids a ton more! You and Aaron will do great!


Maria said...

You story made me laugh out loud! I thought I was losing my mind and having a scattered brain as a new mom. I can't imagine with 3! I am so happy for you guys! Your family is now complete! :)

Anonymous said...

...did Whitney just say she was having kids

I knew Lucy was an angel!!!


The Boggs Family said...

Oh man... you are too funny! This was a hilarious post! I love all the pictures and especially loved your summary of the past 3 days at the end. :) We've heard the same about having 3 kids too, so I'll be looking forward to hearing tips from you if we ever have more kiddos. Have a great day! :) Thanks for taking the time to update your blog and keep all of us in the loop --- I totally look forward to checking it everyday!

Anonymous said...

i can totally picture you staring at your shoe, trying to figure out how it's going to get tied...probably wondering if it's worth having one of the boys "tie" it, knowing it will be an impossible knot you will deal with later! and the wash...too funny. i'm sure you were pre-occupied with more important things, like looking at lucy!! i must say, patty cracks me up with her comment about whitney--oh, is the pressure on whit?! love ya! meghan