Thursday, February 7, 2008

One week home. . . FIRSTS for Lucia

Here are some FIRSTS for our new daughter around the McMurray house.

First outing the morning after she got home. We got all bundled up and of course hit Starbucks, and dognuts. Some things never change. . . . I think the boys first outing was to Starbucks. We are so pathetic.
First Sunday family dinner at Grammy and Grampy's. We have had this weekly tradition since aaron and I were engaged.
Loves Grammy and Grampy's house.

First superbowl! Hangin with my new friend Owen.
Enough superbowl. . . . the games are a little long.
I love these cheeks.

First time to church. Our pastor brought us up front to introduce the baby girl the church family had been praying for.
Of course she put on a smiley show.
At church with Belle. Belle is about one and half months younger.
First time watching my brother play hoops.
First Zags game. Hanging out with the family with pizza, beer and the Zags. The boys love the games now. They know all the players and follow the score. Aaron and I looked across the room and had a knowing look of - it doesn't get much better than this!
First time meeting the Graves family. Cooper was so sweet with Lucia. I think they might need a baby sister.
The boys and "little missy."
First time meeting the Brown family.
First time to Mom's favorite treat Italian ice cream at Gelato Joe's!
Cuddling with Daddy at Gelato Joes.

First Saturday morning at the McMurrays. Saturday mornings are sacred around here . . . Daddy makes breakfast and we stay in our jammies as long as possible. The only thing missing was Janny and Ryan. They used to join us Saturdays mornings. We miss them terribly and my heart just aches that they have not met Lucia.
First time in the Snow.
First time cheering for my brothes indoor soccer team.
Go North Spokane Bats! Aaron coached and it was an entertaining season.
"We smoked them Mom now can I have a picture with my new sister?"
First meal at home. The boys want to try all her food.
A Keagan first! Congrats on your first bubble. . . big deal when you are five.
First wrestling match.
Poor Daddy!

We can't imagine life without her. We are all over the moon in love.


The gFamily said...

I somehow stumbled upon your blog and have been following your journey home. Lucia is so beautiful and so is your whole family! I have been living vicariously through you as we are still waiting to bring our daughter home.

Where do you get Lucia's bows and barrettes? They are so fun!!

The Boggs Family said...

What fun! If I were a baby, I'd want to be adopted into your family too! haha. You guys are such a fun-loving, social, beautiful, AWESOME family... man oh man! I love all the "firsts" and I love that you take the time to share those in your blog. I hope you keep your blog going as I'm now addicted to checking your blog for the latest in the McMurray mania madness! hahah. Oh, and ok, she is like, the most stylin' little baby ever!! I love the taste you have for all her outfits and coordinating hair accessories. And I do have to say, she has flat out rockin' big brothers who couldn't be cuter! What adorable kids you have. Lots of love from us Boggs'.

ryan & janny said...
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ryan & janny said...

She is so beautiful! Thanks for the pictures! The boys look like great big brothers!! ...We miss them sooooo much! It's so fun to see the whole family together! ...we also miss our precious Saturday mornings with you guys!!! You're never going to get rid of us when we get home! ...we're moving in! :)

Lucy's Dad said...

Lucy especially loved those "dognuts". :)

Anonymous said...

as always so cute thanks for sharing some of her "firsts"! congrats to keagan on his bubble--is it just me or does he look just like damien? -meghan

Stacy said...

What wonderful "firsts" for your family! You guys are the most fun family! I LOVE following your blog! Thanks for the prayers for us. It is SO appreciated!!!

God bless you guys,

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

SHE CANNOT GET ANY MORE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Her smile literally makes me smile. She is gorgeous....and it looks like she is having a blast!!!! I am so excited for y'all. Keep praying we can bring Eliana sooner than we think!!


lindsmurphy1 said...

I can't even wait to see Lucy again! I love all of these new pics...I wish I could fall asleep and have someone carry me around...I miss those days. Tell Keagan good job on his bubble!!