Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cousins and Papa and Grandma meet Lucia!

We have had the most amazing weekend with Papa and Grandma and the sweetest cousins on earth! It is so touching for me to watch the cousins relationship. They just adore eachother. I was telling one of my bestest friends Krissy and she articulated perfectly commenting it is an unconditional peer relationship. I never lived near my cousins so I did not get to experience this kind of closeness with my cousins. I remember a special trip my mom and I took to Texas like it was yesterday to visit my cousins. I loved every minute of that trip. I guess there is nothing like the cousins relationship and it has been so fun to watch it develop between Keagan, Kinkade and Lauren and Bridget. And now to add Lucy is so sweet. My nieces can't stop kissing her and she of course just smiles right back. Daddy and his sweet girl.
Right before lunch. . .
Switch-a-roo now Kinkade got in the picture.
All together!
Bridget singing a solo of All in All. . . she has always sounded like an angel and is not one ounce bashful. This picture was taken right after all the cousins had a Praise song dance party. The girls taught the boys all the hand motions. I'm not sure how Lucy did not get stomped on laying in the middle of it all. Sometimes I just wonder what she must be thinking.
Papa getting to know his third grandaughter.
Dance party photo!
Aaron brought home the huge screen for Friday night pizza - movie night. I made caramel popcorn and we all enjoyed Ratatouille! I'm sure there will be plenty more pics to follow.


Bryan said...

For serious? Does the party never end at the McMurray compound?!

And also, will Lucia ever stop getting cuter? It's almost unbearable. Almost.

Jonathan & Amy Hook said...

Hey! We stumbled across your blog and are SO excited for you guys and the newest addition to your family. She is absolutely gorgeous; what a gift and an answer to prayer. I'm not going to lie: reading the story of Lucy and seeing the pics of your beautiful family has made us get more excited about becoming parents someday:).Blessings to you guys from down under!

Anonymous said...

We love your pictures and posts!!

Love always,
Your Texas Cousins

lindsmurphy1 said...

There really is something special about the relationship between cousins. Whit & I used to hide in my Aunt's car when they would leave just so we could hang out longer!! Even now, we all love getting together. So many memories!! I hope you have a wonderful time with Aaron's family. Lauren & Bridgette are so sweet! Tell them thanks for all the help today!