Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentines Sip and See

My Mom had a Valentines sip and see for her work friends and the neighborhood to show off her new grandaughter! Isn't this a darling invite. If you want the best invites in the world go to and you will not be dissapointed. They are FABULOUS! Every time I am thrilled with the product.

Of course a perfect sign. Every last detail is taken care of when my mom throws a party. And it is all MATCHING the theme!Here is the Star. . .
People cannot get over the dimples.
She of course was instructed to dress and match the theme.

I asked if we could have a chocolate fountain. I ate more rice crispy treats than I want to count. I'm not sure anyone else got any.
The boys helped make the cookies for the occasion.
Grammy Sparkle and Lucia.
She loves to lay on her back and kick and laugh.
Valentines Day shoes. . . of course

The table, my mom always sets the most beautiful table you have ever seen.
Yes, those our homemade valentines lollipops.
Lucia almost slept through the entire party, I had to wake her up so people could see her joyful personality.
Valentines dishes. My mom has special dishes for every holiday.
I love Lucy's expression in this picture.


Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

That looks like a blast!! SHE IS SERIOUSLY SO BEAUTIFUL....I know you must be told that a thousand times a day. And, I love the invitation. Hopefully, I can use them soon. What a sweet mom you have!!


Stacy said...

O.K., I am seriously joining your family!
Awesome invitation and your mom is amazing!!!


The KJs said...

Adorable...everything is adorable...Lucy, the party, everything!! I heard that I missed getting to see you and meet your beautiful daughter on Saturday =( Is there a good time in the next few weeks that I could come visit?

whitney tampien said...

Yes, your mom is quite the host... but let's be honest, SO ARE YOU, DARCY!!! Always covering every last detail! And I'm sure Lucia will be the same way someday. :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are the CUTEST EVER!! I love everything about the party--especially the sweet little Valentine it was honoring. Love, Rachelle

Anonymous said...

your mom is totally amazing--and she raised an amazing daughter and now it's your turn and you will do the same! love the browns

The Boggs Family said...

I am mega impressed! What creativity and FUN! :) Lucy looks adorable as awlways and I thought this was the sweetest idea for your Mom's braggin' rights and excitement to share her precious new grandbaby with her friends. The table, invites, sign, & decor looked marvelous & tell the boys great job on decorating the cookies! :) (I can't even frost like that!) haha. Hugs to all of you...

MarknLori said...

I am so glad I found this! I ran into Kent at the ASC and he told me you guys were getting ready to travel - your daughter is amazing! We head back to China next month to get our SON! It is an amazing adventure that is hard to put into words - God is so good! Lori