Friday, February 1, 2008

Officially a dual citizen! - catching up with pics

First Family Photo as a US Citizen!
Early morning at the airport. We left the hotel at 5 am which is 3 am in Spokane.

Lucia charmed her way into First Class. When we got on she gave the flight attendants and pilot that smile, and 10 minutes later they came and got us and said bring that baby up into First Class. It was so great to have the room. Aaron loved the hot wash cloths the best. . . if you know Aaron well you are not one bit surprised! It was a long 5 hour flight and Lucia did great. Aaron is really proud of himself in these two pictures for getting her to sleep. The next two flights she slept through the entire flights. We ended up getting home at 9pm after a long day. She was such a champ.
One last picture of Guatemala. What a beautiful country. We are committed to this country we can't wait to go back and visit and serve throughout the years.

On our last night in Guatemala. We went out to this outstanding taco bar to celebrate Lucy's new passport, visa, and 200 page packet to give to customs on our return. We were more excited than her she just wanted to eat it!
The cutest passport I have ever seen. .
She even got serenaded. She was completely entranced.
Yes for you germ freaks out there I wiped down the table. We sat at this darling hot pink table in honor of our first daughter!
All smiles. I still can't believe how smiley and joyful she is. When we started this process every time I would pray about her. . . God would give me the word JOY! Wow. . .there couldn't be a better word to describe this little girl. She is the most joyful baby I have ever been around.
We had a wonderful family day today. All of us figuring this family of five thing out. Thanks for all the comments and support. It has been so much fun to share this journey. I am planning on posting some really fun "firsts"soon . . . It was a day of many.


The Boggs Family said...

So stinkin' CUTE! Love the pics, and yes, that does have to be the most adorable passport ever! :)

whitney tampien said...

I thought about you guys all day today, wondering how Lucy's first day was at home. I can't wait to hear all about it! It's funny because when Jordan and I were leaving the airport last night, I kept saying how Lucy was so JOYFUL!! And, of course, the cutest baby I have EVER seen. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the boys interacting with their baby sister. They must love her to pieces. What a precious girl. Can't wait to meet her! The Browns

Maria said...

Darcy, I've been following your journey this whole time. I absolutely love your blog as you take the most beautiful pictures and Lucy is just a doll! I am so happy that the McMurray family is finally complete and safe back home! xoxo Maria

smartypantsless said...

Aaron & Darcy-
I am sitting in Antigua now and have continued praying for your whirlwind trip to finally take Lucy home. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to share so many amazing pics and all about the process. Every time I get to this blog I am sittin in some Guatemalan coffee shop with tears streaming down my face. Praise God for Lucy and her new familia! I will continue to life you all up in my prayers.

-Tina Anderson

Anonymous said... I the only one noticing that you said 1st daughter? um...:)

Really excited to see her in your home - what did she think of her room, snow, Murphy?

Call me when you are ready to receive over anxious guests :)

She already seems so much a part of our lives - I am so proud of Keagan and Kincade through all of this as well...hope you all got some rest (sounds like that might not be Lucy's favorite thing right now) but glad you are working on a schedule for her, it worked so well with the twins.

My hands are itching to hold her again


Anonymous said...

I found your blog while searching for other blogs on Guat adoption. Somewhere I read that you went to Whitworth (as did I, class of '88) and was hooked. I've enjoyed reading your blog and am so happy for your family.

We are caught up in the CA mess and can only hope it gets cleared up.

Sincere congratulations.

Susan said...

Ohmigosh! Those pictures are just priceless! I can only imagine how much fun all of you are having and how often you must pinch just yourselves...
I hope you can keep up with the whole blog thing now that she's's the first thing I do when I get home from school!
Have fun as you 'craft' this family of five!